Roll To Save

The misadventures of six very different individuals whose lives are brought together by an unexpected force. Dungeons & Dragons.


All art by Tailsteak unless noted otherwise


A random fun picture of Iris and John hanging out. Iris was really pumped after her work out and insisted on showing John how pumped she really was.
Next thing John knows, he's scooped by Iris and he's pointing the way to the nearest comic book shop!



Fanart by Seth
Iris and John enjoying a walk together



Art by original RTS artist Kanra
Halloween picture of John, Yosha, Roxanne, Iris and Jo in costumes



Being obsessed with Pillars of Eternity, I asked for a commission where John is with some of the main characters of the game!



First commission I had with Tailsteak. Features an early design of John!



I did a series of panels named 'Riff Theater' which was like a live Mystery Science Theater 3000 show but with anime.
This was a piece showcasing the rebranding from 'Mystery Anime Theater'



This piece was to help promote the panel 'Riff Theater'. The fellow riffers are:
To the left is Xeno Frell; avid cosplayer and Cosplay Deviant. On the right is real life Jo before getting styalized for Roll To Save.



This one was to promote the second showing of 'Riff Theater'. We were watching Fighting Food-ons.



One of my favorite commissioned pieces for my Let's Plays. John doing a cool pose with Elizabeth for my Bioshock: Infinite series



Done for my Fallout 4 Let's Play. As you can see, I was pretty excited about it!



This was supposed to be the logo for a joint Youtube channel for myself and a friend.
John (representing me) is dressed in a Doctor Who-esque outfit.
Matt (the friend) is dressed as Franky from One Piece



Poster for an old scifi podcast called 'Space Cases'.



Poster for my currently running detective/noir podcast; Sleuth!



Possibly my number one favorite commission. I wanted to see the cast of Leftover Soup dressed as the characters in the movie Clue and had John be Wadsworth