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#108 - A Change of Pace 2

Date Posted: November 3rd, 2019, 9:25 pm

Author Notes

Sarah Vaughan - Black Coffee

Coffee is a very important part of the day for a lot of people. Sometimes it leads to the start of a brand new day! Other times it leads to a burglar with a gun, ready to rob the place you work at! Apparently coffee can be quite dangerous sometimes.


No, don't kill the cinnamon roll! I know he's too pure for this world, but we still want him in it!
Well thats an unfortunate coincidence
Time to German Suplex a Robber
When it rains it pours Thankfully hopefully there's cameras and such. Retail is hell.
Well, that sucks. It's barely past opening, so there would be like at most one hundred dollars in the til. Hope the robber won't be too annoyed about that.
Is the robber wearing a ... watermelon mask?