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The Security Guard Name:
John Brown

Making people smile, work, video game, cooking, cats, hanging out with friends

Ever since John was knee high to a tortellini, he always expressed a desire to help people. In his grade school years, John would be a frequent member of the ‘Safety Patrol’. A select group of kids who wore a neon yellow sash and a shiny plastic badge who took it upon themselves to promote general safety and to keep other kids safe. Since then, he’s taken on many jobs in an effort to see what would fit him best.

A customer service representative, a barista, a stagehand and a pro-wrestling referee are just some of the jobs he took in his search. He eventually discovered a security guard position at the local mall where he’s been working ever since. He’s a perpetual ball of positive energy which can alternate between being a good thing and a bad thing.

The Wrestler Name:
Iris Davenport

Video games, long walks on the beach, hanging out with friends, cuddling

Iris always had a love and passion for health and fitness. From an early age she pursued gymnastics and worked out at gyms regularly. Unfortunately this led her to being a sort of outcast in most social circles. Iris eventually decided to adopt a cold and uncaring face when out in public, keeping her true, softer personality a secret. It made her miserable but it made outside life bearable. She did this facade for most of her adult life. That is, until she met John.

Ever since then, she’s been able to open up about herself, her interests and felt as though she was finally comfortable in being herself. She’s normally shy and soft-spoken but can be driven to her villainous wrestling alter-ego if pushed into a confrontation, which can be frightening for both parties involved..

The Bartender Name:
Sebastian Okada

Making a good drink, watching movies, word puzzles, flirting, John

Sebastian has always excelled in various educational institutions. In grade school, he’d be getting A’s and B’s, acing tests and showing a strong understanding of engineering. So how did he end up flunking college just short of getting his degree? Simple, he flunked on purpose. The truth was that he didn’t enjoy any of it. His school, the work, everything. “Just because you’re good at something, doesn’t mean you want to spend the rest of your life doing it.” is something he would say, though he got it from Jo.

Having failed college, he told his parents he loved them, promptly came out as gay and left home to search for what he wanted in life. What he found was a quaint little bar inside of a mall, a great group of friends and a bit of a crush on a certain stout security guard. He may not be making as much money as a physics researcher like his folks wanted but he’s happy. And in life, that’s all you can ask for really.

The Goth Name:
Roxanne Smith

Hardcore music, advocating, noodling on guitar, a good depressing book

If you hate the government, bubblegum pop music or any general rays of sunshine, you’d probably get along just fine with Roxanne. She works in a field that could only be described as an unwritten circle of Dante’s inferno: Retail. It’s there that she wears a horrible blue vest with an array of tacky advertising buttons on it, while forced to smile and provide adequate customer service for a seemingly unending stream of customers. Truly, a fresh slice of hell.

This begs the question, why on Earth is she friends with the people in her D&D group, especially someone like John? Sometimes the two people you least expect, get along wonderfully. Like Bertha von Suttner and Alfred Nobel, two very different views doesn’t mean a friendship can’t bloom. In this case she appreciates that he respects her views and beliefs despite not sharing all of them, while the same goes for her. However they both do enjoy each other’s company. And sometimes, that’s enough.

The Cool Guy Name:


Much of Yosha’s background is shrouded in mystery. In fact, much of Yosha’s present is a mystery too. The few things that are known about him is that he has a vast array of connections, he plays the guitar, he knows how to sing and he has a killer jewfro.

The Lawyer Name:
Jo Calderon

Women, alcoholic drinks, easy court cases, women

One of John’s longtime friends and voice of reason...sometimes. If there was ever a person born with a 20 as their charisma score, it would be Jo. Having been gifted a silver tongue, he manages to talk his way out of practically anything. He could sell you your own car, have you pay twice as much for it and still have you walk away happy. So it was no surprise to his friends when they found out he wanted to be a lawyer. Though it’s not his passion in life, he does it well. To counter the sometimes soul crushing experiences of his work, he tends to indulge on his two favorite vices. Women and alcohol, in that order.

He’s a bit of a ladies man, not hesitating to engage with most or any women in his general vicinity. Alcohol is typically consumed responsibly, though he tends to let loose on social occasions and if there’s a designated driver present. Jo may sometimes be cold, crass and tactless but he means well.

The Florist Name:
Irene Brown

Flowers, traditional Latin music, dancing, singing, making people happy, trying to get her son to settle down

Irene comes from a long line of performers in her family. At a young age, she and her brothers would travel around their home country, playing music and singing at various gigs. She bumped into Luis and on a whim they eloped and ran away to America to start a new life together. Unfortunately, it quickly became clear that Luis was only interested in performing and less interested in raising a family.

Which became problematic since fairly soon after their big move to America, John was born. Luis was always away performing at various gigs and schmoozing with local celebrities while she stayed on their touring Volkswagen Microbus, taking care of baby John. Eventually she decided that enough was enough and promptly filed for divorce. Luis bought her a home that used to be a store and told her she could live there as long as she wanted. The rest as they say, is history.

The Entertainer Name:
Luis Velasquez

Performing, audience adoration, popularity

Selfish, self centered, arrogant, oblivious to everything that doesn’t revolve around him. These are all perfect descriptions of Luis’ character. For as long as he can remember, he’s always looked out for himself. The concept of being mindful of others escapes him. He typically acts the way he does not because of malice but because he just doesn’t know any better. It’s essentially how he was raised.

Regardless, it doesn’t excuse his often tasteless actions. Late into their relationship, Irene found herself delivering patented dope slaps to the back of his head on a fairly regular basis.

The Go-To Bad Guy Name:

Long walks on the beach, baseball, egging on a good crowd

Wes is a fellow wrestler at Get Wreckt Wrestling. He’s a bit cocky but he’s normally good about not getting ahead of himself. He’s often chosen to portray the bad guy in a lot of major events because like Iris, he’s pretty darn good at it. Out of the ring he works part time as a courier and either spends his free time working out or playing a sport other on the field or on a video game console at home.

The Rock Star Name:
Heather Lockheart

Fan adoration, money, sex, people willing to do anything she wants

Lead singer and guitarist of Mercy's Fist. Believe it or not, Heather wasn’t always the brash, uncaring and unsympathetic person she is now. In fact when she first started Springtime Spark, she used to be quite pleasant. Her original plans were to go to the local community college and major in business management. However her hobby as a musician began to take off so she put her college plans on hold and focused on music full time. As she started to get more gigs, she also met John. The two hit it off extremely well and began dating soon after. However, she seemed to change after the band signed onto a record label. She became more dismissive, more callous and more cold.

Money sometimes brings out the worst in people and unfortunately Heather embodied that. She began to mistreat, take advantage and downright talk down to everyone in her path. She also began having a secret relationship with her bandmates that ultimately ended the relationship she had with John. Without missing a beat, she took her band on a world tour and never looked back. That is until the band was invited to an LGBTQ event back in her hometown.

The Childhood Friend Name:
Zoey Tucker

Women, books, jazz, puzzles, meditating, Doctor Who

Base guitarist of Mercy's Fist. Zoey was born with music in her soul. Coming from a long line of musicians, she dove into the music world head first. She learned to play the guitar in her early teens and hasn’t stopped playing since. In fact, Zoey was in John’s music class in high school. The two became best friends soon after their meeting. They’d go over to each other’s houses all the time having jam sessions, watching their favorite shows and just hanging out. Their friendship continued out of high school and well into her time with Springtime Spark.

Once the band became Mercy’s Fist, everything changed. Their sound, their attitude, their better judgement, which eventually led to the recording studio incident. Zoey has always been conflicted about that day but has never been able to apologize or to try to make amends with John (Mostly due to Heather's influence). Like John was, she's just too in love with Heather. However unlike her lover, Zoey has more of a conscience. A conscience that's been pounded by guilt for quite a long time. How long can Heather's spell last?

The Korean Heartthrob Name:
Shin Jun

Jam sessions, flirting, flaunting his sex appeal

Drummer of Mercy's Fist. Shin always felt like the odd one out in his family. Most of his family aspired for careers in science, education and psychology. However Shin's aspirations lied in music, much to his family's dismay. Shin started out as a street performer during his time in high school, which made life tough. His parents would dog him at every corner, trying to get him to become serious about his education and his future. As you can guess, that didn't go to well. Once he graduated high school, he used what little money he had to buy drums and a van. He then traveled all over town doing gigs as a fill in drummer for various local bands. He was labeled as a slacker by his family, which eventually prompted him to move out and see if he could find his place in the world.

He ended up meeting Heather by chance at a music festival and was promptly recruited into the Springtime Spark. During his time in the band, he was pretty laid back and very friendly. However once they signed over to the record label, he changed along with everything and everyone else. He became more shallow, self centered and arrogant. Especially with his sexuality, due to rabid fans finding him blindingly sexy.

  Special Guests

The Spunky Friend Name:
Maxine Hellenberger

Sexual cardio, innuendos, advocating for animal rights, teasing John

Max comes from Tailsteak’s concluded comic; Leftover Soup. She’s a very outspoken, outgoing, sexually positive and sexually active person. Between the two comics, John and Max have known each other for quite a while. At one point early on in their friendship, they decided to include “benefits” for a while. Currently those benefits are paused, however Max made it clear that the option would always be available. Sexual shenanigans aside, the two get along very well with and try to visit one another whenever they can to hang out, play board games or watch TV.

The Mentor Name:

Physical training, showboating, flirting

Ein is based on an original character designed by EinDoesArt who also helped create him for the RTS universe. Ein is one of the most experienced wrestlers on the independent circuit. He has two championship belts under his name. He also famously survived a no holds bar Ironman match against Vinnie “The Viper” Estobar. He trained Iris when she first started and they eventually became a tag team called “The Crimson Crushers” due to their surprising resemblance to each other. But just like Babs and Buster Bunny, there was no relation.

Ein stayed in the wrestling business for many years before deciding to try his hand at another line of work. He’s currently working as a suit actor in a western adaptation of a Japanese sentai show.

The Gentleman Rhymer Name:
Mr. B

Chap-Hop, looking dapper, playing his banjo-laylee

Mr. B is the proprietor of “Mr. B’s Gentleman’s School of Music & Haberdashery”. A shop that specialize in giving customers that dashing vintage look and also teaches them an instrument or two in the process. He’s currently John’s music tutor.

The Father of Invention Name:
Professor Elemental

Tea, inventing, the occasional rap, his ape Geoffrey

Professor Elemental is an enigma to many. He moonlights as a teacher at the local community college, which has resulted in the amendment and addition to countless rules and regulations that most people may find a bit baffling. But his main focus and passion is inventing and going on a number astonishing (and rather impossible) adventures.